Friday, September 11, 2009

Blog:- The youth machine

The youth machine

A person can utilize his potential to its fullest at the time of his youth and it has been proved by a youthful leader – Rahul Gandhi – a name which makes a difference today, the “credit card” holder of the Congress' success in the Lok Sabha elections.

The dust of election battle has now settled down and Rahul emerged as a victorious prince. This guy keeping a profile and act like a common man emerged as the campaigner-in-chief in the elections.

This man, a product of Harvard, Rollins, Trinity and Cambridge has used his knowledge of philosophical management, to manage the understanding and co-operation among the co-workers and the fellow-politicians. He prepared a youth brigade for campaigning, which was filled with a youthful spirit.

The youth brigade led by Rahul Gandhi worked round the clock. They captured all the remote areas and targeted big states like UP and Bihar. The brigade reached out to each and every person inspite of their caste, colour, status and creed. They listened to the problems and difficulties faced by the public.

The strategy which worked the most was the interaction with the public. As its truly said: “Hard work bears the fruit of success.” The “strategic mastermind” behind the huge success of the Congress along with his youth-force reached the interior/remote areas on foot.

This simple and sober looking guy must have followed this one line “speak through your actions and never through arguments”. Congress's youth-force not only captured the minds but also the hearts of the citizens.

The passion and planning of the youth along with the experience of the aged one's was the key to its success.

Rahul Gandhi – a believer in the immense power of the rural India, has around 9000 active workers across the Country. These workers were trained and guided by management trainers from Mumbai and abroad – on how to reach out to people.

Rahul and his youth network is methodical, analytical and sincere. He has proved everyone wrong whosoever thought that young Indians are allergic to the politics and change.

Roughly estimated now in the 5.5 lakh panchayats around 70% of the elected representatives are not more than 35. India is hailing towards a new century of change and the youths are avidly working as the agents of change for a better and brighter India.

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