Friday, September 11, 2009

Blog:- Nation's termite or nation runners

Nation's termite or nation runners

It was an usual evening and my mind was flooded with so many questions.
With the elections getting over, I was left wondering about our politicians whom we chose to lead us and fight for us. The baton bearers whom we trust have become the law breakers.

The promises they make has only become a mere lip-service. The development of a few areas happen only when any government is about to degrade/fade or only a few months after a new government comes into power.

They are called public servants but they only serve their families and themselves. Most of them are using politics as a springboard to be a millionaire within a short span of time. Murderers, kidnappers, rapists all have found an easy escape to any problem by joining politics.

The convicts of riots, culprits of 30 and more criminal cases each, scams of billions, people having billions and millions in Swiss accounts are our leaders. whom do we cast our vote to? To these people who have lost all their conscience?

It is better not to caste vote rather than casting our vote to a criminal. There should be a certain criteria, a certain educational qualification to enter politics. People are dying of hunger and these people have billions in their Swiss accounts. Educated youth should arise and replace these illiterate politicians who cannot even have a debate on public issues properly.

Like the IIT and IIM students, who take the initiative to join politics, intellectuals from other fields should also come. Apart from that any person having a criminal record should be barred to contest elections.

Now is the time to realize the value of our vote. Stand up against the evil and take a solemn vow to cast your vote to a right person.

Countries like Japan got freedom after India and today Japan stands amongst the strongest economy, developed and prosperous nations. This is not only due to the reason that their leaders or politicians are worthy and honest, but it is the equal participation of the citizens of Japan which made this possible. They are aware of their rights; they know how to stand in 'unison' in tough times.

We cannot wholly blame a bunch of people for everything negative or bad. Participation of each citizen is vital in the formation of a nation. A 'stand alone spirit' is must. Mahatma Gandhi once said – you must be the change if you want to see in the world – and I believe, this is the change we need towards a better tomorrow.

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