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Blog:- Mayawati - the Goddess of statues....

Mayawati - the Goddess of statues....

Maya's maya for statues...I've read this headline in a newspaper just a few days back. The headline struck into my mind while I was passing by a park, which is on my way to my office at Film City, Noida. This is the park which Mayawati wants to name after her, which for it's elegance took numerous plants' lives. The thought of this park was really troubling me as crores of rupees, that can be utilised for other genuine purposes and issues, was being wasted like junk. Courtesy – Madam Maya....oops! Mayawati. The very thought of this invoked me to write something for Mayawati. Maybe some day by mistake she can read my blog and can think wisely and take a step for a makeover then.

Mayawati, a name which most of the people recognize as the CM of the most populous state – UP, in the country. But I remember her as “The goddess of statues”, a lady so much crazy for name and fame, who thinks that her association with parks and statues will make her a great person, who relates her status and dignity with these materialistic possessions. And the irony lies in the fact that they do whatever they want and no one can stop them.

I want to tell her one thing that she will not be remembered by these statues, she will be remembered by her moral values, through her work for the citizens and through her deeds. A few people like her make such things which we call – a prestige issue. Are these statues going to serve any purpose in the nation's favour, are they going to add some value to improve the condition of the people? Are these parks and statues so necessary that they can't be ignored?
The country is facing so many problems. UP, Bihar have become drought-hit states, Andhra and Karnataka are in floods, but she is not concerned about that because they are not her states. She has nothing to do with all this because these people have divided India into small pieces.
I agree that states like Andhra and Karnataka, which have been flooded by the angry rivers are not her, but then UP is her own state, Bihar is her neighbour state. If not about the neighbours then she can think about UP, her own state. How could a human being do so, that people have lost their livelihood, natural disasters have ruined their hopes and dreams and the state premiere is busy with her own illogical stuff.

She is a kind of public servant who has taken a vow to empty the government treasury and people's money. These people without any morale do not have any gratitude towards them, who made them to wear the crown. An important part in all this wrong doing is played by the citizens also, when no one stands and speak against such matters.

Everyone is busy in his own life, with his/her family, children and with matters related to them only. By and large they forget that this country is also their abode. And moreover it's not Maya's maya, it's citizen's maya.

I think if she is so much fond of statues she should try her hand in sculptors, and after that UP will be known by and after a great artist, a great sculptor, Mayawati. People and tourists would come from all over the world to have a look on these great statues by a great artist. If she wants name and fame only, then this might be a good option for her. Then one day she will be remembered somewhere in between the great names of the great artists of the world like Michelangelo, Bernini and Rodin.

Despite doing such works, being the CM of the most populous state of India she can change it into the most powerful state, with having such a great manpower. I would suggest her to become a bellwether through her deeds in favour of the citizens. Create an appetite not for these lands and properties but for the wellness and goodness of the underprivileged ones.

She is really on a wrong track and she have to pay for all her deeds. As the popular saying goes ''As you sow, so shall you reap''. This nation is short of great and good leaders which is very necessary to take India from a developing country to a developed country.

May god bless my country with such leaders and good human beings, so that we can also stand erect with dignity and pride among other countries which think that only they are good. So that they can change their perception, who think that India is rich and prosperous in population, poverty, illiteracy and backwardness only. So that in their view India could become a country rich in all respects – a country which is the abode of Buddha, Rama, Vivekananda, Gandhi, Harishchandra and numerous people like them. And again it could be named and remembered by and after the names like these great people.

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