Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blog - The monster year 2009 is a yesteryear now...

The monster year 2009 is a yesteryear now...

The noose for most of the people seems to be far away now as the year 2009 is over and 2010 has brought with it a lot of rays of hope. Many people, including me will become nostalgic about the most crushing year of the century. Now it seems like the whole year was beforehand prepared that it will remain low and disturbing throughout the 12 months. The whole year remained at its lowest, keeping all the human beings frightened and worried about their future and careers.

The problem was born and brought up in US, which further destabilised the whole world. The financial crisis was linked to reckless and unsustainable lending practices resulting from the deregulation and securitization of real estate mortgages in US. All the ruckus was created due to the various imbalances which includes excessive money creation, leading to negative household savings and a huge US trade deficit, dollar volatility and public deficits. In precise it was sheerly a financial imbalance of money, which virtually paralysed each nation.

The blight began, when 2008 was just bidding adieu and handing over its charge to 2009. As the year 2009 took charge, the former year had already vested 2009 with confusions and problems. So it didn't get any chance to escape or to cope up with the circumstances. Contrary to what a famous saying goes “charity begins at home” the recession started abroad. Everything has now become global. As the scenario has completely taken a 'U' turn in the past few years, so it was obvious to affect the other nations too.

2009, a hurricane which destroyed many global giants and Lehman brothers was at the top of the list makers. The global recession made life a hell. People lost their jobs in bulk. The fear of loosing job gave rise to office politics. Employees were fired, some due to some reasons and some without any reason. Companies stopped employees' salaries, reduced salaries to half and many more... Multinationals, which were believed to be the strongest of all times went bankrupt. The turbulent year made life the toughest. Everyone was bound to compromise with whatever was provided to them. Their hopes, passions, enthusiasm and principals were all ruined.

Some companies have had genuine reasons to fire employees but on the other hand amid all this hysteria some companies also made profits in the guise of recession. Particularly if we talk about India, all the major news channels and newspapers have had a regular story regarding recession. India – the strongest nation during recession, India – the country least affected by recession, were the most common headlines. But inspite of all these news it affected Indians on a large scale.

But now when a new year 2010 has arrived, the things seems to wax. The scenario is changing, astrologers are back at work with positive outcomes and predictions. Job seekers are in a jolly mood, consultancies are back with a busy schedule, calling job seekers. Signs of positivity have been received from all the four directions.

So, no need to worry now as the monster 2009 is done with its bit. 2010 brings with it a busy and ebullient time for people who have been longing for a stable time and career, for last few months. Just welcome life with your fullest in the last year of the decade and stay assured from within. The dawn of the year of hope and life has arisen to bring light to all the creatures. So move on with this saying “ Everyday is a new start”.

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