Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Blog:- Delhi – behind what it seems

Delhi – behind what it seems

Delhi – ''a dream city of thousands'' – is what they call it. With skyscrapers standing tall right in front of your eyes, a flamboyant and happening lifestyle – widely different from that of millions living in other parts of the country – VIP category roads, luxurious cars and penthouses, welcome to the capital of India. Yes, this is Delhi – the city where you will find people landing in not tens and hundreds but thousands and ten-thousands every day – aspiring to make their dreams come true and having an urge to find some place for self.

Life is not just fast here; it is fast but furious as well. You need to be on your toes to survive here. With so much of charm in small packages, the city has a lot to raise one’s eyebrows. Huge corporate buildings, the very luxurious malls, buildings kissing the skies, the very exciting toll plazas, underpasses and flyovers, multiplexes unmistakably throws inviting glances to those who want to make it big someday.

With a busy nightlife, least power cuts, fashion on streets and the variety in food and culture one is sure to love the lifestyle that comes as a dream come true. Government runs the nation from here and the entire nation looks upon the representatives sitting here in this city to meet their needs and solve their problems.

But while the city is the most happening, it is the most disappointing too. The government that sits here is supposed to guarantee the safety of the people of the country, but it often is in dilemma to save its own identity at times.

While here every street is lit up with beautiful street lights, one can look at the slum areas of the city as well as the small districts, towns and villages to understand the harsh reality. Delhiites see no power cuts – at the cost of long power-cuts in these villages and districts of the rest part of the country – as if they aren’t worth these facilities, as if studying in the light of kerosene lamps or candles is what the students here deserve.

Mac D, Pizza Hut, Kareem's, Nazeer's, Dominos, KFC's are the popular hangouts here – you would definitely love to visit these places and will have fun celebrating life with friends and colleagues. A cherished life – you will experience here. But no one here cares for those dying with hunger. Plenty of food is wasted and disposed – either in bins or to stray dogs – but it doesn’t find place to those who ‘need’ it. Such is the life here – a harsh comparison, ain’t it?
AC's, fashionable seating arrangements, advance coffee machines – sure enough to bring that spark into your eyes. And that is what attracts young blood to be a part of this dream city. One would do anything to get a job here – any field, anyhow, any company will do. But you need it; you really strive for it, isn’t it? And you happily become a part of companies who make you work like machines – as if you are no human – for eight and nine and ten and… even more hours. The city gives you a lot but takes away as much more than what you get – and you give – with a smile, happily and satisfactorily.

Now catch the glimpse of the busiest hours on the roads – rush hour what we call it as – when all are running towards their offices, kids to schools, and so on and so forth. Roads look like parking lots. Long queues of cars and buses, slowest moving traffic and honking hither and thither – is certain to make you get the real pulse of Delhi. People have luxurious cars but there is no space for parking – one man and one car, while the rest hanging from the DTC or the Blueline buses as if ready to face any accident or mishap.

Huge bungalows and palatial houses you’ll find her, but no space left in hearts. One does not know who the person or the family living next to the house is. Lives here are so private.
Supreme Court stands tall at one end of the city but crime stands taller in the capital. Such is Delhi – often referred to as a no man's land where people from different walks of life come with a dream. You either make it big or end up struggling and striving more to survive. While the families and friends are all left behind, the city doesn't allow you to move back, as if caught in an eddy.

And those who succeed to return to their people are called as underdogs the rest of their life.
To adapt into the lifestyle of the city becomes obligatory here – the reason being that once you survive here, you stand tall and proud among those who see success – where success is defined as staying and surviving in this big city with small hearts.

People at first die to live her and then when becoming a part of the city, live and love to die here. Despite the crime, despite the dry attitude and despite the not so welcoming hearts here, there is something special about the city.

And I love Delhi too – for n number of reasons – it is undoubtedly my Mecca of education, media, sports, music, acting and what not. It surely has the rare honey that unfailingly catches flies like me. A royal salute to Delhi – after all for reasons right or wrong, they also call it “Dilli dilwalon ki”.