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Blog:- Mayawati - the Goddess of statues....

Mayawati - the Goddess of statues....

Maya's maya for statues...I've read this headline in a newspaper just a few days back. The headline struck into my mind while I was passing by a park, which is on my way to my office at Film City, Noida. This is the park which Mayawati wants to name after her, which for it's elegance took numerous plants' lives. The thought of this park was really troubling me as crores of rupees, that can be utilised for other genuine purposes and issues, was being wasted like junk. Courtesy – Madam Maya....oops! Mayawati. The very thought of this invoked me to write something for Mayawati. Maybe some day by mistake she can read my blog and can think wisely and take a step for a makeover then.

Mayawati, a name which most of the people recognize as the CM of the most populous state – UP, in the country. But I remember her as “The goddess of statues”, a lady so much crazy for name and fame, who thinks that her association with parks and statues will make her a great person, who relates her status and dignity with these materialistic possessions. And the irony lies in the fact that they do whatever they want and no one can stop them.

I want to tell her one thing that she will not be remembered by these statues, she will be remembered by her moral values, through her work for the citizens and through her deeds. A few people like her make such things which we call – a prestige issue. Are these statues going to serve any purpose in the nation's favour, are they going to add some value to improve the condition of the people? Are these parks and statues so necessary that they can't be ignored?
The country is facing so many problems. UP, Bihar have become drought-hit states, Andhra and Karnataka are in floods, but she is not concerned about that because they are not her states. She has nothing to do with all this because these people have divided India into small pieces.
I agree that states like Andhra and Karnataka, which have been flooded by the angry rivers are not her, but then UP is her own state, Bihar is her neighbour state. If not about the neighbours then she can think about UP, her own state. How could a human being do so, that people have lost their livelihood, natural disasters have ruined their hopes and dreams and the state premiere is busy with her own illogical stuff.

She is a kind of public servant who has taken a vow to empty the government treasury and people's money. These people without any morale do not have any gratitude towards them, who made them to wear the crown. An important part in all this wrong doing is played by the citizens also, when no one stands and speak against such matters.

Everyone is busy in his own life, with his/her family, children and with matters related to them only. By and large they forget that this country is also their abode. And moreover it's not Maya's maya, it's citizen's maya.

I think if she is so much fond of statues she should try her hand in sculptors, and after that UP will be known by and after a great artist, a great sculptor, Mayawati. People and tourists would come from all over the world to have a look on these great statues by a great artist. If she wants name and fame only, then this might be a good option for her. Then one day she will be remembered somewhere in between the great names of the great artists of the world like Michelangelo, Bernini and Rodin.

Despite doing such works, being the CM of the most populous state of India she can change it into the most powerful state, with having such a great manpower. I would suggest her to become a bellwether through her deeds in favour of the citizens. Create an appetite not for these lands and properties but for the wellness and goodness of the underprivileged ones.

She is really on a wrong track and she have to pay for all her deeds. As the popular saying goes ''As you sow, so shall you reap''. This nation is short of great and good leaders which is very necessary to take India from a developing country to a developed country.

May god bless my country with such leaders and good human beings, so that we can also stand erect with dignity and pride among other countries which think that only they are good. So that they can change their perception, who think that India is rich and prosperous in population, poverty, illiteracy and backwardness only. So that in their view India could become a country rich in all respects – a country which is the abode of Buddha, Rama, Vivekananda, Gandhi, Harishchandra and numerous people like them. And again it could be named and remembered by and after the names like these great people.

Blog:- Delhi – behind what it seems

Delhi – behind what it seems

Delhi – ''a dream city of thousands'' – is what they call it. With skyscrapers standing tall right in front of your eyes, a flamboyant and happening lifestyle – widely different from that of millions living in other parts of the country – VIP category roads, luxurious cars and penthouses, welcome to the capital of India. Yes, this is Delhi – the city where you will find people landing in not tens and hundreds but thousands and ten-thousands every day – aspiring to make their dreams come true and having an urge to find some place for self.

Life is not just fast here; it is fast but furious as well. You need to be on your toes to survive here. With so much of charm in small packages, the city has a lot to raise one’s eyebrows. Huge corporate buildings, the very luxurious malls, buildings kissing the skies, the very exciting toll plazas, underpasses and flyovers, multiplexes unmistakably throws inviting glances to those who want to make it big someday.

With a busy nightlife, least power cuts, fashion on streets and the variety in food and culture one is sure to love the lifestyle that comes as a dream come true. Government runs the nation from here and the entire nation looks upon the representatives sitting here in this city to meet their needs and solve their problems.

But while the city is the most happening, it is the most disappointing too. The government that sits here is supposed to guarantee the safety of the people of the country, but it often is in dilemma to save its own identity at times.

While here every street is lit up with beautiful street lights, one can look at the slum areas of the city as well as the small districts, towns and villages to understand the harsh reality. Delhiites see no power cuts – at the cost of long power-cuts in these villages and districts of the rest part of the country – as if they aren’t worth these facilities, as if studying in the light of kerosene lamps or candles is what the students here deserve.

Mac D, Pizza Hut, Kareem's, Nazeer's, Dominos, KFC's are the popular hangouts here – you would definitely love to visit these places and will have fun celebrating life with friends and colleagues. A cherished life – you will experience here. But no one here cares for those dying with hunger. Plenty of food is wasted and disposed – either in bins or to stray dogs – but it doesn’t find place to those who ‘need’ it. Such is the life here – a harsh comparison, ain’t it?
AC's, fashionable seating arrangements, advance coffee machines – sure enough to bring that spark into your eyes. And that is what attracts young blood to be a part of this dream city. One would do anything to get a job here – any field, anyhow, any company will do. But you need it; you really strive for it, isn’t it? And you happily become a part of companies who make you work like machines – as if you are no human – for eight and nine and ten and… even more hours. The city gives you a lot but takes away as much more than what you get – and you give – with a smile, happily and satisfactorily.

Now catch the glimpse of the busiest hours on the roads – rush hour what we call it as – when all are running towards their offices, kids to schools, and so on and so forth. Roads look like parking lots. Long queues of cars and buses, slowest moving traffic and honking hither and thither – is certain to make you get the real pulse of Delhi. People have luxurious cars but there is no space for parking – one man and one car, while the rest hanging from the DTC or the Blueline buses as if ready to face any accident or mishap.

Huge bungalows and palatial houses you’ll find her, but no space left in hearts. One does not know who the person or the family living next to the house is. Lives here are so private.
Supreme Court stands tall at one end of the city but crime stands taller in the capital. Such is Delhi – often referred to as a no man's land where people from different walks of life come with a dream. You either make it big or end up struggling and striving more to survive. While the families and friends are all left behind, the city doesn't allow you to move back, as if caught in an eddy.

And those who succeed to return to their people are called as underdogs the rest of their life.
To adapt into the lifestyle of the city becomes obligatory here – the reason being that once you survive here, you stand tall and proud among those who see success – where success is defined as staying and surviving in this big city with small hearts.

People at first die to live her and then when becoming a part of the city, live and love to die here. Despite the crime, despite the dry attitude and despite the not so welcoming hearts here, there is something special about the city.

And I love Delhi too – for n number of reasons – it is undoubtedly my Mecca of education, media, sports, music, acting and what not. It surely has the rare honey that unfailingly catches flies like me. A royal salute to Delhi – after all for reasons right or wrong, they also call it “Dilli dilwalon ki”.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ghazal:- Kitabe-khayal mein likha hai

Kitabe-khayal mein likha hai,
Kisiko dekh ke humnein,
Kuch alfaazon ko piroya hai,
Kitabe-khayal mein humnein,

1):- Na jane dil kyun ye zid kiye baitha hai,
Ke ab to bus vo aaye idhar ka rukh kiye,
Kuch armaanon ko zindagi bakshi hai,
Kitabe-khayal mein humnein

2):- Phirse jhoomne gaane ka mann karta hai,
Phirse tamannayein panapne lagi hain,
Shayad ye ishq hai, aisa likah hai,
Kitabe-khayal mein humnein.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Song:- Kitne guzre hue kal

Kitne guzre hue kal hain,

Kitne guzre hue kal hain,
jo aaj tak beete nahin,
Kitni khamosh hasratein hain,
Jo hamesha dabi rahi dil hi mein.

1): Kuch laphz jo sisakte rahe mann mein, subakte rahe dil mein,
Ik umr se hain vo zubaan se marhoom,
Kaash mil jaati zubaan unhein,
To ye guzre hue kal beet jaate ,
Jo aaj tak beete nahin.

2):Kuch savaal jo zubaan tak ka safar na kar sake taey,
kuch savaal jo hamesha dare rahe anjaam se,
Karte rahe vo mann hi mein ibaadat,
Kaash na darte vo anjaam se,
To ye khwab adhoore na hote,
Jo aaj tak poore nahin?

Song:- Ye nakaam koshish kar raha hu mein

Ye nakaam koshish kar raha hu mein, mein jaanta hu

Ye nakaam koshish kar raha hu mein, mein jaanta hu,
Magar ye sapna hai mera,
Sapna poora ho na ho,
Par use poora karne ka sapna deha hai maine,
Sapno mein nahin jeeta hoon mein,
Magar haan ek sapna dekha hai maine,
Ek sapne ko poora karne ka sapna dekhta hu mein,
Mein vaakif hoon is baat se,
Ki ye mehaz ek sapna hai,
Magar is sapne ko,
Poori tarah jeena chahta hoon mein,
Ek baar bus ek baar,
Bata dena chahta hoon,
Ek baar jhoot saabit karna chahta hoon is baat ko,
Ki sapne to fir sapne hote hain,
Sach hai ye kab apne hote hain,
Bus yahi ek sapna hai mera,
Ki sapne bhi sach hote hain,
haan maine ye sapna dekha hai,
Sapne ko hakeeqat karne ka?

Nazm:- Tum yaad na aao kabhi

Tum yaad na aao kabhi

Tum yaad na aao kabhi,
Kya aisa ho sakta hai,
Ye sochta hu mein aksar,
Baitha tanhayiyon mein.....
Jaanta hu ye mumkin nahin,
Mera dil ye jaanta hai,
Magar is khayal ko jeena chahta hai,
Ye iska ek sapna hai,
Ye duniyan haqeekat hai,
Tum bhi ek insaan ho,
Magar bhoolta kyun nahin ise vo..............
Vo roz school jana,
Cchutti ke din udas hona,
Vo baarishon mein bheegna,
Ghar der se aana,
Har waqt dooston mein rehna,
Vo ladna-jhagadna,
Vo abbu ka daantna,
Ma ka dularna,
Vo raaton ko neend na aana,
Sardi mein letter likhna,
Vo din ka haath se fisalna,
Vo raat na beetna,
Vo phoot ke roona,
Dil khol ke hasna,
Vo fail hona aur,
Ghar se bhaagna,
Vo punishment milna,
Aur uske saamne sharmana,
Vo chupna-chupana,
Nazron ka takrana,
Vo mandir jaana,
Aur use maangna,
Vo raaton ko gazlein sunna,
Vo sabka milna,
Aur fir doost banna,
Vo bhi din they har pal mein zindagi thi,
Aaj zindagi ke liye waqt nahin hai,
Aankhein taras gayi hain aansuon ko,
Ek umr se dil khol ke hase nahin,
Par zinda rehna padega yahan,
Kyunki isi ka naam zindagi hai..........................

Song:- Tera intazaar

Tera intazaar, Tera intazaar, Tera intazaar, Tera intazaar,

Tera intazaar, Tera intazaar, Tera intazaar, Tera intazaar
Tera intazaar, Tera intazaar............
yaara mere door hai kyun,
karta hu mein tera intazaar,
Barson se hu bekaraar,
Karta hu tera intazaar...

1):- Din guzra raat dhali,
Zindagi ret si beh chali,
Na jaane tu kab aayega,
Saans bhi madhham ho chali,
Barson se hu bekaraar,
Karta hu tera intazaar...

2):- Kat ta nahin ab safar tere bin,
Lagta hai soona ye jahan,
Sab hain mere saath magar,
Hu sabse akela bus ek mein,
Barson se hu bekaraar,
Karta hu tera intazaar...
Tera intazaar, Tera intazaar, Tera intazaar, Tera intazaar,
Tera intazaar, Tera intazaar............

Song:- A tribute to the Mumbai blast victims

A tribute to the Mumbai blast victims:-

Maula, Maula, Maula, Maula......
Maula, Maula, Maula, Maula......
Tera banda tadap raha hai,
Teri kudrat bikhar rahi hai,
Kahan chhupa hai tu maula,
kuch to apni khabar de.

1):- Is kadar to na thi ye duniya,
Kyun insaan ka ye haal hua,
Kyun hain nafratein dil mein,
Kyun insaan ka dil tang hua,
Kahan chhupa hai tu maula,
kuch to apni khabar de.

2):- Kya shikayat hai unhein,
Jo ye aag sulgate hain,
Apna ghar chalane ki khaatir,
Auron ka ghar jalate hain,
Hain vo is baat se behabar,
Ke kudrat ki fehrisat mein,
Unka bhi kuch hisaab hai,
Kyun jaante hue bhi ye log,
Tere nizaam se khelte hain,
Kahan chhupa hai tu maula,
kuch to apni khabar de.

3):- Kyun aankhon mein hai lahoo,
Kyun hain chehre sehme hue,
Usi ki duniyan ujaadne ko,
Alaah ka hai naam liya,
Kyun khet banzar hain,
Kyun ye galiyan veeraan hain,
Ab to aaja mere maula,
Ye duniyan kahin aur chali,
Ab to aaja mere maula,
Ye duniyan kahin aur chali,
Ab to aaja mere maula,
Ye duniyan kahin aur chali,
Maula, Maula, Maula, Maula......
Maula, Maula, Maula, Maula......

A general news story:- Advani to file nominations

LK Advani to file nominations from Gandhinagar

BJP's Prime ministerial candidate and senior leader LK Advani will file his nomination papers from Gandhinagar on Wednesday.

Gandhinagar contituency will go to polls on April 30. Advani came to the forefront of national politics after the Ram mandir movement in late 80's.

He will file the nomination with a huge rally of supporters and the supporters will be led by Gujrat CM Narender Modi.

Advani will be contesting from the Gandhinagar constituency for the fifth time in a row. He was a winner from the constituency in 1991, 1998, 1999 and 2004. His main rivals are congress nominee Suresh Patel and noted dancer Mallika Sarabhai who is making her electoral debut as an independent candidate, whereas Suresh Patel is a congress MLA from Kalol for the second time.

Tight security arrangements has been made by Gujrat Police. Intelligence agencies have warned of increased threats to Advani.

Advani who had earlier planned to file the papers on April 6, has changed the programme due to his busy poll campaigning schedule in the other states.

Blog:- The youth machine

The youth machine

A person can utilize his potential to its fullest at the time of his youth and it has been proved by a youthful leader – Rahul Gandhi – a name which makes a difference today, the “credit card” holder of the Congress' success in the Lok Sabha elections.

The dust of election battle has now settled down and Rahul emerged as a victorious prince. This guy keeping a profile and act like a common man emerged as the campaigner-in-chief in the elections.

This man, a product of Harvard, Rollins, Trinity and Cambridge has used his knowledge of philosophical management, to manage the understanding and co-operation among the co-workers and the fellow-politicians. He prepared a youth brigade for campaigning, which was filled with a youthful spirit.

The youth brigade led by Rahul Gandhi worked round the clock. They captured all the remote areas and targeted big states like UP and Bihar. The brigade reached out to each and every person inspite of their caste, colour, status and creed. They listened to the problems and difficulties faced by the public.

The strategy which worked the most was the interaction with the public. As its truly said: “Hard work bears the fruit of success.” The “strategic mastermind” behind the huge success of the Congress along with his youth-force reached the interior/remote areas on foot.

This simple and sober looking guy must have followed this one line “speak through your actions and never through arguments”. Congress's youth-force not only captured the minds but also the hearts of the citizens.

The passion and planning of the youth along with the experience of the aged one's was the key to its success.

Rahul Gandhi – a believer in the immense power of the rural India, has around 9000 active workers across the Country. These workers were trained and guided by management trainers from Mumbai and abroad – on how to reach out to people.

Rahul and his youth network is methodical, analytical and sincere. He has proved everyone wrong whosoever thought that young Indians are allergic to the politics and change.

Roughly estimated now in the 5.5 lakh panchayats around 70% of the elected representatives are not more than 35. India is hailing towards a new century of change and the youths are avidly working as the agents of change for a better and brighter India.

Blog:- Nation's termite or nation runners

Nation's termite or nation runners

It was an usual evening and my mind was flooded with so many questions.
With the elections getting over, I was left wondering about our politicians whom we chose to lead us and fight for us. The baton bearers whom we trust have become the law breakers.

The promises they make has only become a mere lip-service. The development of a few areas happen only when any government is about to degrade/fade or only a few months after a new government comes into power.

They are called public servants but they only serve their families and themselves. Most of them are using politics as a springboard to be a millionaire within a short span of time. Murderers, kidnappers, rapists all have found an easy escape to any problem by joining politics.

The convicts of riots, culprits of 30 and more criminal cases each, scams of billions, people having billions and millions in Swiss accounts are our leaders. whom do we cast our vote to? To these people who have lost all their conscience?

It is better not to caste vote rather than casting our vote to a criminal. There should be a certain criteria, a certain educational qualification to enter politics. People are dying of hunger and these people have billions in their Swiss accounts. Educated youth should arise and replace these illiterate politicians who cannot even have a debate on public issues properly.

Like the IIT and IIM students, who take the initiative to join politics, intellectuals from other fields should also come. Apart from that any person having a criminal record should be barred to contest elections.

Now is the time to realize the value of our vote. Stand up against the evil and take a solemn vow to cast your vote to a right person.

Countries like Japan got freedom after India and today Japan stands amongst the strongest economy, developed and prosperous nations. This is not only due to the reason that their leaders or politicians are worthy and honest, but it is the equal participation of the citizens of Japan which made this possible. They are aware of their rights; they know how to stand in 'unison' in tough times.

We cannot wholly blame a bunch of people for everything negative or bad. Participation of each citizen is vital in the formation of a nation. A 'stand alone spirit' is must. Mahatma Gandhi once said – you must be the change if you want to see in the world – and I believe, this is the change we need towards a better tomorrow.

Blog:- …and the legend rejoices in heaven

…and the legend rejoices in heaven

June 25, 2009 – a usual day it was. But nothing remained ‘usual’ about it as it carried along the news of the sudden demise of the music sensation, Michael Jackson. I was rushing to my office unaware of the word that had by then shook almost more than a half of the world.

As I reached office, I saw all the news channels, websites and newspapers flooded with the biggest news of the day – the news that shattered and pained the millions and billions of those who loved and hated the all time favorite musician Michael Jackson – for their own reasons. The earth underneath my feet almost slipped as I heard of the news. The world had lost the ‘King of Pop’ as they called him. I couldn’t somehow believe it to be true and kept on reading and surfing on more and more about the music icon.

How could one believe it…? The music sensation moon walking away so swiftly – away from us, to another world, even as the world did not have the slightest indication.

Websites crashed, people mourned and fans were seen setting up vigils in public parks and streets. Suddenly everyone wanted to know and discuss and read more and more about the celebrated star – the good and the bad things he was known for – his music, his concerts, his life, his family, his controversies and what not. Such was the craze and such was the name of the pop icon – MJ – a brand.

And now an era of the ''fire of music'' ends with him, as he leaves the cosmos to mourn. The world would never forget the multi-faceted personality. His precious contributions to music altogether set up new trends; and made pop music discover heights that were never-ever achieved.

A composer, producer, entertainer, choreographer, singer, songwriter, author, dancer, businessman and philanthropist – Jackson was truly an icon. What more can a person achieve in a single lifetime?

Defeating all the ups and downs of the life, he remained dedicated to music.
As a child, Jackson was physically and emotionally abused by his father. Jackson had reportedly once said that owing to the ill-treatment by his own father, he had suffered nightmares for a long time.

Controversies and MJ shared a bond seemingly – a bond that kept him the tabloid favorite, throughout his life. His life remained a “storehouse of controversies” including the “child sexual abuse case”, “his marriage”, “his surgeries”, “drug addiction”, “his changing appearances”, “bizarre behaviour” and “his illness”.

The legend while on one hand has now left behind a diehard fan following after him; there are critics on the other hand for whom Jackson was a man of illicit activities. While for some he was a legend, for others he was a subject of extreme hatred, envy and criticism.

For some he was a winner – a victor whose achievements are not easily describable. For others, he still remains a subject of hate and anger.

The issue is not whether he was good or bad, the discussion is nowhere aimed at deciding whether to love or to hate MJ. It is about just remembering a talent, that’s it. At least, I find it as simple as that. While thinking about MJ for the past few days, I often end up thinking: Do the common people don't have negativities? Don’t we do wrongs in our lives? Are people in our society so pious? But just because we or for that matter every other person around us isn’t that popular, our deeds don’t get highlighted. In fact not just the commoner, see around and you’ll find many such faces mocking at the other for their wrong doings and taking immense pride knowing that they would never fall in a trap. And for a person like Michael Jackson, one has to pay the price for success and popularity.

For how many reasons would one hate him? For how long one will not praise him and keep ignoring the good things he did? How would one not love him? And no matter how much whosoever wants to hate him, every time his talent, struggle and achievements will overshadow the hatred. They will find two or three reasons not to love him and hundred more reasons to love him.

No one could ever forget a transformer who transformed the music video from a promotional tool into an art form, made popular a number of physically complicated dance techniques such as the 'robot' and the 'moonwalk' and the world followed him and loved his music.

His albums dominated the charts for years. He secured the highest royalty rate in 1980 in music industry. Millions of dollars donated by him helped people to overcome drug abuse and alcohol. He helped underprivileged children and made them achieve what they would have otherwise just longed for.

I wear my heart on my sleeves to stand by the side of MJ – no matter whosoever criticises me. It seems that MJ was “high on the hogs” but that all came from graveyard shifts, beads of sweat and blood, sleepless nights, years of learning and struggling.

To believe or not it's obvious that no one will ever see him again. Now he is on an everlasting and never-ending rendezvous with the Yama. Let him dwell in his new abode. A royal salute to the great music-healer and music-bellwether of all times!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Movie Review: Ghajini, a must watch

`Ghajini` is a story of Sanjay Singhania (Aamir Khan) and his lover Kalpana (Asin). The story revolves around Sanjay Singhania. After being hit on head, he suffers a disease called `short term memory loss`. He can not remember or recollect anything beyond 15 minutes. Only one thing he remembers is a name, `Ghajini`. His girlfriend Kalpana was murdered and she uttered this name in his ear during the last minute of her life.

He always keeps a camera with him and click pictures of those whom he meets and then writes his name on it. Thus, he recognises people by matching their faces with the photographs and the names written on them. The story oscillates around Sanjay`s hunt for `Ghajini` and all the obstacles which comes his way.

Director AR Murugadoss is a good story teller. There was hardly any loose shot or sequence.
The story with a good continuity doesn`t give the audience a moment to think even in a 180 minutes film. AR Murugadoss`s direction is superb. There was not a single loophole in the story line. The director has done full justice to the story.

The casting of the film was superb. Aamir khan, as usual, has done full justice to his character. He exactly fits into Sanjay Singhania`s character. Chirpy Asin looks cute with her talkative character. Pradeep Rawat brings back bollywood the true villain that was missing since long time. Jiah Khan lacks somewhere in her acting skills, though she has done well as a new comer.

Dialogue delivery of all the characters was excellent. The dialogues were written according to the script. The director made the complete use of his potential as well of the resources. The locations were exactly the same as one can imagine according to the script and the story.

The camera angles and cinematography used were typical south Indian style, but were convincing.
The background score matches the theme of the movie. It exactly creates the same impact as a thriller movie soundtrack should create. The sound tracks helps a lot in justifying the sequence.
AR Rahman has composed a great music. The songs are `melodious`. The songs are placed in the appropriate slots and the locations for the songs are appropriate. Allover the music leaves a soothing impact on the ears.

The lighting done for the film is perfect. Wherever the characters are in open the director made a proper use of lighting to show everything bright. Lighting is done appropriately matching the genre of the film.

Sometimes the camera work distracts the viewer from the story but ultimately it is a good combination of both camera work and good story. A good balance of action, comedy, romance and suspense, has been portrayed by AR Murudagoss.

The film is technically sound. From the technical point of view it stands amongst the best films in 2008. The film is a thriller and is full of actions.

The film has been shot mostly on the real locations. Somewhere sets are also used and they are appropriate. The costumes also plays an important role in the film. Expensive suits of renowned brands have been used for the MD Of a cellphone company. On the other hand looking at the costumes of Kalpana, one can easily identifies her as a middle class girl. The villain wears white dresses, chains, lockets and all that a gangster wears.

The actions by Peter Hanks and the stunts by Shiva keeps the viewers at the edge of the seat. One can easily co relate everything due to the special effects at some levels, because a thriller must have the components of that. The soundtracks seems to be refreshing and appropriately original. It matches the original components and things. The dubbing plays an important role in convincing the viewers.

The director has done justice to this `Ghajini` also as he did to his previous `Tollywood Ghajini`. But this `Ghajini` is much better than the previous one in terms of acting skills and music. It leaves a soothing and good impact on a viewers mind and it is a must watch movie for so many reasons.
Hats off to the whole team!