Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Movie Review: Ghajini, a must watch

`Ghajini` is a story of Sanjay Singhania (Aamir Khan) and his lover Kalpana (Asin). The story revolves around Sanjay Singhania. After being hit on head, he suffers a disease called `short term memory loss`. He can not remember or recollect anything beyond 15 minutes. Only one thing he remembers is a name, `Ghajini`. His girlfriend Kalpana was murdered and she uttered this name in his ear during the last minute of her life.

He always keeps a camera with him and click pictures of those whom he meets and then writes his name on it. Thus, he recognises people by matching their faces with the photographs and the names written on them. The story oscillates around Sanjay`s hunt for `Ghajini` and all the obstacles which comes his way.

Director AR Murugadoss is a good story teller. There was hardly any loose shot or sequence.
The story with a good continuity doesn`t give the audience a moment to think even in a 180 minutes film. AR Murugadoss`s direction is superb. There was not a single loophole in the story line. The director has done full justice to the story.

The casting of the film was superb. Aamir khan, as usual, has done full justice to his character. He exactly fits into Sanjay Singhania`s character. Chirpy Asin looks cute with her talkative character. Pradeep Rawat brings back bollywood the true villain that was missing since long time. Jiah Khan lacks somewhere in her acting skills, though she has done well as a new comer.

Dialogue delivery of all the characters was excellent. The dialogues were written according to the script. The director made the complete use of his potential as well of the resources. The locations were exactly the same as one can imagine according to the script and the story.

The camera angles and cinematography used were typical south Indian style, but were convincing.
The background score matches the theme of the movie. It exactly creates the same impact as a thriller movie soundtrack should create. The sound tracks helps a lot in justifying the sequence.
AR Rahman has composed a great music. The songs are `melodious`. The songs are placed in the appropriate slots and the locations for the songs are appropriate. Allover the music leaves a soothing impact on the ears.

The lighting done for the film is perfect. Wherever the characters are in open the director made a proper use of lighting to show everything bright. Lighting is done appropriately matching the genre of the film.

Sometimes the camera work distracts the viewer from the story but ultimately it is a good combination of both camera work and good story. A good balance of action, comedy, romance and suspense, has been portrayed by AR Murudagoss.

The film is technically sound. From the technical point of view it stands amongst the best films in 2008. The film is a thriller and is full of actions.

The film has been shot mostly on the real locations. Somewhere sets are also used and they are appropriate. The costumes also plays an important role in the film. Expensive suits of renowned brands have been used for the MD Of a cellphone company. On the other hand looking at the costumes of Kalpana, one can easily identifies her as a middle class girl. The villain wears white dresses, chains, lockets and all that a gangster wears.

The actions by Peter Hanks and the stunts by Shiva keeps the viewers at the edge of the seat. One can easily co relate everything due to the special effects at some levels, because a thriller must have the components of that. The soundtracks seems to be refreshing and appropriately original. It matches the original components and things. The dubbing plays an important role in convincing the viewers.

The director has done justice to this `Ghajini` also as he did to his previous `Tollywood Ghajini`. But this `Ghajini` is much better than the previous one in terms of acting skills and music. It leaves a soothing and good impact on a viewers mind and it is a must watch movie for so many reasons.
Hats off to the whole team!