Monday, October 25, 2010

Blog: The word genius has no synonym!

Don't wonder if the reach and leverage of the world's largest search engine surprises you. According to a survey, above 98 million people surf this search engine daily, which takes the number to more than 2,800 million a month. It's the necessity of the times, it's an integral part of our daily life, it's the largest knowledge storehouse of the world. It helps scores of people to quench their thirst for knowledge and information. The quest comes to an here.

Not only it's become the father of the nation, but the whole world regard it as a father figure. Guess who lends a helping hand to everyone? Who is omnipresent? Who saves myriad jobs? Who relieves tyros – when they seek some guidance at their new jobs?

It vests you with all that can't even expect form God. Heads of some of you might go spinning or some may hit the bull's eye! Guess, or shall I give you a clue? Yes, we are talking about Google mata, Google father, Google devta any many more – this is how we call it in our office!

Seniours and colleagues leave us in the hands of Google mata, knowing we would be safe in its hands. The time was then, when people used to seek their seniours for something to learn. Now the ultimate teacher is here, which is ready to serve you 24x7, if anybody fails to tell anything. You put any kind of iron, wood, stone or any strange item, and it gives you the history, origin, geography, its ancestors, predecessors and everything. Isn't it a genius? Yes, of course it is, and without any slightest doubt.

One fine day – during leisure at my office, I thought to know the meaning of my name and Google directed me to some interior place in United States, with my ancestors, their origin and evolution. My friend Rahul – conquerer of all miseries - got to know the meaning of his name with Google's helping hands.

The Googleness has prevailed all over and noone is complete without it, especially in metropolitans. The guru-shishya legacy has almost come to an end, and Google is the reason. Now the students know that they need not to worry, because if they have some differences with the faculties, their greatest teacher is there to help them out. And if any point of time you find any of your prayers unanswered the there is another option. Google might be the right choice to bank upon.

Google – whose name reminds us of a bizarre search engine, which has everything in its kitty for everyone. It would not be an exaggeration if I say “In this netizens' era, survival depends on Google”.

Leave the Google for a while and think of its founders. You will end up with a fight amongst your thoughts, with no answer. The founders of it must have been the direct envoys of the almighty.

Googleness – a virus affecting everybody, has captured the minds for over a decade now. Nobody remains unaffected by this virus. Everybody has fallen prey to Google. From the very inception studies have been claiming that a mere 8-10% of the human mind's potential has been used hitherto. Even the extraordinaries or the exceptionally blessed people like Einstein, Newton, Thomas Edison have used 10-12% potential of their mind. But when it comes to Google, its founders must have surpassed Edison, Newton and Einstein.
Thomas Elva Edison once said, ''Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.'' In his era he must have been sure that the 21st century will be ruled by some great people – Google founders. And that's why keeping this in mind he must have written this axiom for Lawrence E Page, Sergey M Brin and Eric E Schmidt.

Noted orator, motivational guru, consultant and activist Shiv Khera says, ''Small people talk about others, mediocre people talk about things, and great people talk about ideas.'' The power of these ideas took Google to what it's today. And think about these alchemists – they come with a new idea and it becomes a hit. They are blessed with some bizzare thoughts and ideas, which no other mortal on this earth has. That's why all the tech-giants like Microsoft, Amazon, Yahoo join hands at times to excel Google, but all in vain. Every time their initiative proves to be a disaster.

The great Einstein says, ''Imagination is more powerful than knowledge'', but I wonder what type of imagination these Google guys have.

The unique characteristics of Google, which puts it on the pinnacle, are its speed and accuracy. The father of the search engines beat its peers in speed and accuracy, and leaves its contemporaries miles ago, and it seems that the distance will continue in times to come. In the last one decade no other Google's contemporaries has grown as them. Because you can copy the formulas, work, functioning etc but the mind, imagination, ideas couldn't be copied.

In the book “The Google Story” Microsoft boss Bill Gates says, ''We have to keep a check on these Google guys, they have become a threat to us and we need to control them.” So we can have an idea of what type of influence the Google guys have on the world. Bill Gates – the richest person on the earth has a fright of the Google honchos and so is the case with others. This is the power of Google, This is the reach of Google. This is the influence of Google, because “The word genius has no synonym.”

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