Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blog: Don't dare to think we are green horns!

Countless eyes had been avidly waiting to witness how the host will create a platform for the world. A platform where more than seventy countries were to join hands, to demonstrate the sovereignty of their nations, to vie for the crown at the helm.

The time was then, when India was leaving no stone unturned to prepare for hosting the Commonwealth Games 2010. Delhi – the flamboyant capital of India was to host the games and it seemed to be an unchaseable dream – that India can successfully host the games.

Every news channel, newspaper and magazine had been getting 'good masala' stories, which they could refurbish with a few additives from their mind. It made the scribes' task easy as they came to knew where to gather news from. The alleged corruption charges and the mess across the length and breadth of Delhi kept them busy with some uncovered facts and big stories. The sleazy preparations, the sordid sports machinery deals, the alleged corruption charges, the torn-out roads, the water-filled pit-holes and places, all showed the signs that we are preparing for a ground zero (where we find ourselves no where on the final day).

Along with all the messy preparations, it was a retaliation time for Indra – who poured almost all the water in his storehouse during the preparations. He must have thought of some past ruckus, Kalmadi and his aides would have created to him. And he hit the iron when it was red, and when Kalmadi was the wholly-solly of everything. To make things worst Indra did everything which comes under his jurisdiction.

As the days passed the situation detereorated to become more degraded. India and its CWG bosses received numerous scolds and warnings from the CWG honchos. Mike Fenell - the Commonwealth Games President kept on visiting the games venues – but went back carrying a balloon of anger and destabilisation in his heart, every time he inspected the venues.

The Commonwealth Games soup was turning sour as it got closer to the final day. I could feel the humming sound of the prayers of Delhiites, which they must have performed fervently from the deepest part of their hearts, for the success of the Games as it was not merely a matter of organising games, it was an event which would make the global citizens aware of what India is? It was a matter of national prestige, a matter of Bharat Darshan – which was to portray the real image, the true picture of the birth place of the world bellwether of culture, education, medicine, yoga, science and so many things. Even I prayed intensely sometimes so that we could successfully handle and manage everything during the upcoming mega sports event.

A state of pandemonium prevailed all over and nothing seemed to be moving in the right direction. An agitated Kalmadi would have lost his sight amidst all the odds, I am sure. But there was no escape as it had become an obligation by then. And just before the decisive day it must have brought lumps to myriad throats with entwining fingers, heads bowed in prayers and hearts crying for all the best to happen. India and the world heaved a sigh of relief as we incepted a hugely successful sports event and and so was the end. We hosted the most spectacular opening and closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games. It happens only in India – where against all odds, contrary to all expectations, we delivered the best ever games in lieu of any failure – which was for sure expected. All the nations were moved and overwhelmed with the oomph India delivered the games. What grabbed most of the eyeballs were the grand flamboyant opening and the closing ceremony.

It would not be an exaggeration if I use the word jugaad for it, for most of the impossible things to turn into possible here. The nation relies on this single word - jugaad. And the only thing India was not devoid of before the games was the fire and fury. Ours is the only nation where you think an impossible thing and we will make it happen, we will turn it into success – for we have all the jugaads. We have all the means to do anything.

Noone knows how it happened but by and by the situation ameliorated and it seems that in a spur-of-the-moment we were the creators of the the grand sports event. The fishy situation turned into something which the world witnessed as a scintillating event – a pyrrhic gala sports event.

It's flesh and blood to think what could be done and what could not be, but we did it, and what we did was beyond comprehension of a human mind as all the circumstances were against us. Because here we have all the jugaads in our storehouse.

And then they have had to change their statements when they left and Mike Fenell thanked all Delhiites for such a great success of the Commonwealth Games. We proved that we are not the green horns. Everyone went back with a tranquil heart and ecstatic mind. We have the power to change because we have all the jugaads. You come and we will vest you with all the best of everything with best of our abilities. Because we are rich in jugaad we run this nation where you will find people of all cast and creeds, people of so many diverse mindsets, of diverse faiths and religions, where people of different languages can edify you with their hearts.

So don't ever dare to think we are tyros! We have the power. As a verse from the holy Quran says “We create and destroy, and recreate again, in forms of which noone knows – Al WAQUIAH.”


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