Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A poem:

I will walk, walk, and walk
As the road to the castle of,
That harsh reality,
has many dark pitholes,
But I love to fall,
Get up again, fall again,
As this game of win and loose,
Will make me strong.

Still I will walk, walk and walk,
For I don't seek,
Any other easy way,
As it has roses and thorns both,
But still it makes me happy and gay,
It takes me that merry way,
Still it holds that aroma's clay.

Still I will walk, walk and walk,
For the road to explore,
For the light to illuminate,
For the darkness to dispel,
And the doubt to erase,
Until my heart omits a fine word,
Relieved I am feeling today,
From the handcuffs of obligation,
From the borders of horizons,
Until the last scratch of regret,
Until that miniature dot of remorse,
Vanquishes from deep somewhere in me,
Until it says you have conquered me,
With your unceasing upbeat...

But still I will walk,
Still I will not stop,
Still I will move on,
As I seek no easy way,
Wanted to walk the victory's way,
Troubled by the dust and hay,
Forced by the pandemonium,
Of what they say...

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